Is there a problem on Forum servers or database?

I had some activity yesterday trying to help others.

Now I visited back and see reply notifications on 6 posts from 5 people who are either OP or other helpers.

But when I visit them, only 1 of them has a reply.

I restarted my browser and cleared the cache, still see no replies.

It is hard to believe OPs decided to delete all those replies.

Besides that, I got only 1 notification e-mail for that one post that has a real reply.

Can you please check what is happenning?

Hi @Yilmaz_Durmaz,

Can you share a few of the topic links from your notifications ?

If replies appear to be missing, a few possibilities (outside of technical glitches) are:

  • Posts have been deleted by the original author.

  • Posts have been flagged by community (usually temporarily hidden pending moderator review). This may result in off-topic posts being moved to a new topic and spam posts being deleted.

    You should still have an option to see temporarily hidden posts, eg:


Perhaps some notifications you noticed were related to Likes, Accepted Solutions, Quotes, or Following activity rather than Replies. If you visit notification activity in your account (or by clicking on your user avatar at the top right of the page), each notification will be prefixed with an icon for the activity type.

The example below shows a favourite, a reply, and an accepted solution:


Replies can generate email notifications as they indicate something to read or respond to. I believe most other notifications (eg Likes or Quotes of your posts) are informational and will not trigger emails.


This one for example. Notification has the “Reply” icon and there is no flagged response from the OP.

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All notifications were showing “replied” status by OPs. Much later during the day, they got responses from OP and/or others. but it was “much” later, like 4-5 hours.

Othe posts’s notifications are now overwritten since they got replies. The above post got a like but no reply, so my notifications still show this:

they were all like this at the time I opened the topic.