Is there a limit on the number of projects?

From what I understand based on the limits mentioned - You can deploy at most one M0 Free Tier cluster per Atlas project.

But is there a limit on the number of Atlas projects?

Hi @_A_P,

The limit is:

Projects per Atlas Organization - 250

Other limits can be view here:


@Pavel_Duchovny so theoretically there can be upto 250 Projects each having an M0 cluster with their independent 500 mb memory and rolling 10 gb bandwidth?

Hi @_A_P,

Can you please explain your end goal? What are you trying to achieve?

The atlas free tier clusters are for familiarizing yourself with the product and easily spinning a demo cluater…


I was worried about accidentally hitting the limit but spinning up and down clusters while learning how to use Mongo. Currently, I am simply going through the Dev Certificate learning path.

By the way, you can use cross-org billing to share a single subscription across multiple Atlas organizations

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