Is there a chart type to accumulate previous bins?

Hi there,
this is about a simple chart x-axis = timestamp, y-axis = some values. I like to use binning e.g. per month.
This is easy to create.

Additionally I like to add a line which shows the sum of all previous+current bin. E.g.

month  | value in bin  |  sum for line graph

Jan    |     1         |      1
Feb    |     2         |      3 
March  |     3         |      6
April  |     4         |     10

Is there any build-in chart type which supports this, if not is there a simple way to pick up the value of a bin and sum this up?

Best regards

Hi Michael -

There is a feature you can use with most chart types that allows you to calculate a running total, as you requested:

However this only works on single series charts. If you want to show both the actual monthly total and the cumulative total on the same chart (e.g. a combo chart), you can’t use this feature.

I’m not an expert on this, but I believe you should be able to use the new $setWindowFields stage in a custom pipeline to calculate this. If you can get the two values as different fields in your resulting dataset, you should be able to use that in a normal combo chart.


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