Is Realm flexible sync suitable for Salary, Attendance, and Client management app?

Sir I want to develop Android App which can manage Staff Attendance, Salary, Automate Attendance Process, Location based Live Tracking, Payroll management like things. So I want to know that is Realm flexible is suitable for this type of app. I want to build this type of app in Native Android.

It didn’t work for us.

Hi @Zubair_Rajput – This sounds like a good use case and there are many Logistics and Field Worker applications running on Realm/Device Sync that sound like they have similar patterns. That being said, I would definitely recommend using Flexible Sync (as you note) since it will allow for more dynamic permissions that might be helpful if you have hierarchies in your application (such as different layers of management with different permission).

@Orehgretsky_Orehgretsky – Looks like this is the first time you’ve posted, but I’d love to help solve whatever wasn’t working for your team. Feel free to drop me a DM.

Applied Realm to a respectably large fitness app. Realm appeared to be a quick, simple answer because of the project’s short deadline. RealmObjects at the time weren’t thread-safe. and I proceeded to load on the UI thread rather than mirror the realm objects with POJOs. Everything seemed to function as it should, but after we published the app, we saw a significant number of check stubs. Since I was unable to figure out how to replicate the problem and the logs only indicated that our realm accesses on the UI thread were probably to blame, debugging the problem proved to be fairly challenging.