Is MongoDB Realm function scalable?

I am pretty new to MongoDB. I am in a scenario where it is possible for a system to invoke functions simultaneously many time.

I have gone through MongoDB Function Documentation and didn’t find anything which speaks about scalability or concurrency issues.

Can a single function be invoked multiple times in parallel? for example: Three different request trying to invoke same function will all three request be handled one by one or in parallel.

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Same question here
What is the concurrency? It uses max 256mb memory where does these memory come from (will it impact my M10 cluster memory?)
Any function have cold start how long is it for Realm function? Any way to resolve the cold start?

The memory to my understanding is shared with the cluster, it can use up to that amount.

As far as parallel or not, it can be parallel, or it can be one at a time. That depends on if you’re using Triggers or not, and whether or not the triggers are in order or not.

As far as cold start, that really depends upon how you have things setup.

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