Is Mongodb Charts discontinued?

In another forum post it is mentioned that Mongodb charts is “unsupported” from Sept 2021.

What does this mean and why is it not mentioned anywhere on your website?

I believe that the only version of Charts that is unsupported is the on-prem version. For the supported version you have to use it with MongoDB Atlas. If you have an Atlas account you can view Charts by switching to the Charts tab.

Hi @Nick_Trout -

@tapiocaPENGUIN is correct. Charts is still supported as a component of Atlas, and is being continuously updated with new features.

The on-prem version was discontinued last September. We did include a notice about this for around a year before support ended, and have since removed mentions of on-prem from the website. I was just made aware that some of the old documentation can still be accessed via a deep link - I’ll look to add a notice about the product being unsupported on those pages.



You did not include a note about this in the OnPrem docs, which are still your site, as you mention. There still exists two versions of the documentation: one for cloud, one for OnPrem.