Is it possible to get Data from a MongoDB Atlas Cluster to SQl Server?

Good Night y’all from Costa Rica!

I’m quite new to MongoDB. I have just created and setup a Free Atlas cluster …

I have the challenge to create some sort of ‘Integration’ bewteen Microsoft SQL Server and MongoDB, just a read access to mongo and being able to query some collections from SQL.

I have researched in order to analyze possibilities, but so far there’s nothing that much clear for me on what method to use.

I saw that creating a Data Lake on the cluster could help to employ an JDBC driver for reading and querying mongoDB collections as SQL. But when reviweing it’s possible integrations, it work like with tableau for example. Could this method work for connecting with SQL Server to the data lake maybe?

Another method I saw was the one with maybe an ODBC driver, but I don’t know if that method works with an Atlas cluster or just with like, local clusters.

Please, I’m very knew to DBs and much more with MongoDB and NoSQL. If someone could give some advice or guidance on this approach, it would be highly appreciated.


¡Si es posible!

  • Use your favorite language and load both the drivers (MongoDB and SQL Server) for that language.
  • Read data from the source and write to the destination.

I myself often do this between MySQL and MongoDB using Python with the Pythondrivers for both databases.


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To see all the MongoDB language drivers, browse here:


Thanks for the reply Jack! @Jack_Woehr

Those Python drivers you mentioned, are different than the MongoDB JDBC drivers right?

Yes, each language has its own set of drivers.

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