Is it possible to exclude a database from a role?

Hello there, Im enabling security to our cluster. But I came upon a solid problem. There’s this table where I store the license info about the business. And I want to hide this from everyone except admin. I created a role which will not be able to see this collection. When I create this role at the setup, everything seems good but there can and will be other databases which will be created after I setup this role. These dbs will have a prefix and when the company registers another business, a database named prefix+businessName will be created. I cant know when these table will be created so I cant update the role.

If possible I can either hide the one database for this role and enable access for everything else, or I can define the role with some kind of prefix and enable access for all dbs with that kind of name. Are these possible?

First approach would be a viable option if there wouldnt any new databases. I tried second one but it didnt work.

MongoServerError: orion_.* is not a valid database name
cfgrs [direct: primary] admin> db.createRole({ role: 'servicetwo', privileges:[{'resource':{"db":"orion_.*","collection":""},"actions":["find","insert","update","remove"]}],roles: [] });