Is it possible for a trigger function to import/load/require consts from another file in the app?

I have a number of enums I would like to define once, that are used in my trigger functions. Is there a way that a trigger function can load another file that contains just exported consts, not functions?

E.g. if I had a file enums.js with the following contents:

export const CaseStatus = {
    Closed: "CLOSED",
    New: "NEW",
    Open: "OPEN",

How do I do something like the following in a trigger function to use them?

const { CaseStatus } = require("enums.js");

I keep getting errors like:

push failed: error validating Function: enums: runtime error during function validation

Do I need to put them into a module instead that I load as a dependency my function can access?

Anyone? Still looking for a solution to this.