Is data getting replicated in a standalone instance?

My database is a standalone database, which does not hold replication of data.
But when I check the size of the database it shows contradicting information.
Using show databases tells me that my database is of 3.042GB size.
But using db.stats() on the same database shows a data size of 11.31GB.

I am also attaching screenshots to validate the conditions I have explained.
Screenshot (104)_LI

If the data is really getting replicated even if the instance is a standalone instance then How can I use those replicated nodes as my secondary nodes?

Will changing my standalone instance’s status to replica set help me useing those secondary nodes?

totalsize = storageSize(this is compressed datasize) + indexSize. and this is the size shown in show databases.

If you haven’t configured a replica set, you don’t have one.


Thanks Chris. I got a whole new thing to read WireTiger.

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