Is anyone using MongoDB Atlas with Jenkins X?

We’re migrating to Jenkins-X and use MongoDB Atlas in our current AWS infrastructure. Is anyone using the Atlas Kubernetes Operator with Jenkins X?

Hi Robert-

Thanks for your note. While we don’t have anything specific for Jenkins-X yet, we do have a helm chart which would be the recommended way to install the Atlas Operator. Our main charts (for all Kubernetes Operators) are here: helm-charts/charts at main · mongodb/helm-charts · GitHub.
Are there any specific features of Jenkins-X which don’t work well with this solution?


Thanks, Jason. I did know about the Atlas MongoDB Operator, and was looking for the Jenkins-X specific deployment details… which I found.

Several custom resource definition files need to be created for Jenkins-X, but James Strachan and the other stellar folks on the project have been working tirelessly to add functionality to simplify management. This command line modifies the files needed to add the MongoDB Atlas Operator to the files which define the Jenkins-X cluster:

jx gitops helmfile add --chart mongodb/mongodb-atlas-operator --repository --namespace atlas-operator

The command should be issued while in the namespace ‘jx’. One thing worth noting is that the installation command did NOT work when I specified the version shown as current for the Atlas operator, with the option string ‘–version 0.5.0’.

It would be great for other Jenkins X users if you could add this information to your documentation. Now I’ll go about adding the projects we need as custom resource definitions!



@Jason_Mimick , although I have the operator and the operator crds installed, I’m not automatically getting a DB. I see in GitHub that you also have ent-operator, ent-operator-opsmanager, and ent-operator-database charts. Are those, as I suspect, only for enterprise customers?
I’m still trying to figure out how and where to instantiate a database in Jenkins-X; we’ll need one in each jx environment (including one which serves all preview instances).

More questions: It’s unclear from the structure of the git repo whether the atlas-cluster app (at least, to me it LOOKS like an app rather than a resource) is required in order to use mongodb-atlas-operator. Although I could simply create the cluster using the CLI, I would greatly prefer to have it installed and maintained by Jenkins-X.
Any advice or info welcome, thanks-

@Jason_Mimick, are you there? I need support for using the custom resources defined by the AtlasOperator, and am concerned that it might in fact not have been validated yet.
In trying to create my first AtlasProject resource, for example, I see no field available to specify my organization ID. Also, the instructions on the quick start page jump straight to creating a cluster, with no project creation… when a project needs to be specified to create the cluster.
Please respond to at least confirm that MongoDB is committed to supporting the AtlasOperator; your beneift will be to have a working example of incorporating this into Jenkins X.

@Robert_Ashforth -
Hi Bob-
Apologies on the delay in response! and would be happy to follow up more off line.
The “atlas-cluster” chart will create the Atlas Project, Cluster and MongoDB Users for you.
This should be in our main branch, but we are working on some updates which you can find over in my fork: helm-charts/ at main · jasonmimick/helm-charts · GitHub
For example, is how you can launch an instance of the atlas-cluster chart which should provision everything for you.
As for the JenkinsX topic, we do know we need to support better namespace configuration when installing the operator, especially our OpenShift bundle does not support setting a particular WATCH_NAMESPACE. We plan to address this soon, so we can certainly investigate these other requirements to make sure our operator and helm chart integrate with such popular dev/ops tools.
Acknowledged too we need to enhance our docs and plan to do so over the next quarter planning for our GA sometime later this year.