IPv6 compatibility across frameworks


I noticed that when using MongoDB.Driver versions 2.21.0 and 2.25.0 I can connect to both IPv4 and IPv6 servers from .Net 8 regardless of the MongoClientSettings.IPv6 property value or the corresponding connection string parameter whereas they need to correspond to the target address family on .Net 4.72. There appears to be a difference in behaviour between the .net standard and .net 472 DLLs provided in the NuGet package.

I confirmed this by using version 2.23.1 which only contains the .net standard DLL and it can connect to both IPv4 and IPv6 hosts on both .Net 8 and 4.72 using the same settings.

I prefer this more universal behaviour and was wondering if there are plans to unify it across the different DLLs provided in the packlage.

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I also faced the same issue.
I can’t use tls 1.3 because of that.
TLS 1.3 was added in 2.24 but I have to use 2.23