iOS SDK: Logout function became async?


Since using Xcode 13 I’m getting an error “‘async’ call in a function that does not support concurrency” when calling app.currentUser!.logOut().
This forces me to use async/await APIs that exist only on iOS 15.0 and macOS 12.0, which doesn’t make sense.
Any idea why this is happening and what should I do?


Logging out contacts the server to invalidate the local refresh token, so it has a completion handler. With Xcode 13’s automatic bridging to async, there’s now three versions of the logOut function: func logOut() -> Future<Void, Error>, func logOut(completion: (Error) -> Void), and async func logOut(). That error suggests that for whatever reason it’s picking the async version instead of the Future returning version that it used to be picking, perhaps because the return value isn’t being used?

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