iOS Developers Global Summit'22

iOS Developers Global Summit’22

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Online Conference for Swift Developers
October 11-12, 2022



DocC: Compile your Documentation like a Pro!

Commenting your code is always important, but even more important is adding documentation to your Frameworks. This will help your users understand what each class is about, how to use them, etc. Apple unveiled DocC during WWDC 21, a tool that generates online documentation from our documentation code comments. But that’s not all: we can add hand-written docs, step-by-step tutorials and images. Best of all: everything is written in Markdown!

I’ll show you:

  • how to write this documentation, with examples
  • why is useful? Spoiler: for better code reading & testing!
  • how to generate online docs locally
  • how to use Github Actions & Netlify to host your docs online and get them updated automagically with every git push!


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Diego Freniche
Developer Advocate

Computer nerd, retrocomputer collector, Amstrad & Amiga lover, iOS/Android developer. Sometimes speak at places.