Invalid schema change in production

Despite exception message is self-explanatory, solution is not! I made schema changes on Atlas Service backed UI not client-first.
"Realms.Sync.Exceptions.SessionException: Invalid schema change (UPLOAD): non-breaking schema change: adding schema for Realm table "TableName", schema changes from clients are restricted when developer mode is disabled."

I’m not in Developer mode this is production data.
I have implemented OnSessionError handler in config but what next?
How can I force to update the schema on clients?

If the schema change has been made via the UI, then the issue here is a mismatch between the schema the client is attempting to use and the schema in the UI. I would recommend double-checking the schema in the UI to ensure that the name matches that of the schema on the client. If using the title field in the schema, then the value for title should be the name of the schema on the client (see more about title field here).

Additionally, you could try using the auto-generated Realm object models from the “Atlas Device SDK” tab in the UI as the schema for your application. Hope this helps!

Indeed, issue was in the schema title itself (plural / singular) missing ‘s’ at the end.

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