Introducing Multi-Cloud Clusters on Atlas (Oct 20, 2020)

Hi, Atlas community!

I’m very excited to share with you that you can now deploy multi-cloud clusters on MongoDB Atlas that span AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud simultaneously. With this, you’ll have unparalleled flexibility when it comes to where your data is stored and what cloud services you can use with Atlas.

Multi-cloud clusters allow you to:

  • Take advantage of best-of-breed technology across multiple clouds
  • Seamlessly migrate your cluster from one cloud to another
  • Improve high availability with cross-cloud redundancy
  • Reach more users by distributing your database across more regions

This has been a mammoth undertaking for the team and we look forward to you trying it out. Do let us know where multi-cloud clusters take you.

To get started, learn about what multi-cloud clusters unlock for you in this blog post.

Product Manager @ Atlas


Congratulations, this will be invaluable to many organisations.

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