Introducing MongoDB and Amazon CodeWhisperer!

Introducing MongoDB and Amazon CodeWhisperer!

AI Code assistants revolutionize your coding experience, but what sets Amazon Codewhisperer apart is that MongoDB has collaborated with the Amazon CodeWhisperer team, enhancing its capabilities! We’ve fine-tuned CodeWhisperer to deliver top-notch code suggestions, trained on, and tailored for, MongoDB. You can learn more about this HERE and how to install CodeWhisperer in your IDE of choice.

As with all generative AI tools, they are forever learning and forever expanding their foundational knowledge base, and MongoDB is looking for feedback. If you are using Amazon CodeWhisperer in your MongoDB development, we’d love to hear from you -

  • How did it work for you?
  • What were you using it for?
  • What language?
  • What are your initial thoughts?
  • How can it be improved?

We’ve created a special “codewhisperer” tag here on our Developer Community, and if you tag any post with this, it will be visible to our CodeWhisperer project team and we will get right on it to help and provide feedback. If you want to see what others are doing with CodeWhisperer on our forums, this tag search function will jump you straight into all the action.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and impressions of MongoDB and Amazon CodeWhisperer together.


For those that may have missed it - we held a LiveStream on MongoDB TV Cloud Connect show last week (November 9th).

On the show, we dove deep into the world of CodeWhisperer, the cutting-edge code completion tool, and explored further the groundbreaking collaboration between MongoDB and AWS. To do this properly, we’d not 1, or 2 guests as we might usually have - but 5!!

First up, we were joined by Andrew Davidson, Senior Vice President, Product Management at MongoDB and Anu Sharma, Director of Product NGDE (NGDE stands for “Next Generation Developer Experience”), from Amazon Web Services. Both joined us to discuss how CodeWhisperer fits into MongoDB’s and AWS’s broader developer strategies and how the collaboration between MongoDB and AWS in training CodeWhispererer is pushing the boundaries of innovation.

After the conversation with Anu & Andrew, we went straight into an exciting CodeWhisperer demonstration, giving viewers a firsthand look at the tool’s capabilities with @Dominic_Frei1 and @igor_alekseev. We also were joined by @chuck_freedman who provided a sneak peek into the upcoming workshop at AWS Re:Invent, happening at the end of November.

Watch the livestream to hear about how to elevate your development journey with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon CodeWhisperer.

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If you’re looking for some further CodeWhisperer inspriration - we’ve a repo for you -

We’d love you to try it out. Thanks