Internet connection seems mandatory - can I do the work offline?

After a 5 year hiatus, I’m returning to MongoDB for a needed refresher. I can’t tell if an active internet connection is required to complete the computer coursework. I’m going to be on a 9 day cruise without internet, but I was going to pre-download the videos to my ipad and just do the coursework on a laptop (yes, I intend to spend an hour or two a day doing computer work, even on my cruise). Will I be able to do the Chapter 2 work without an internet connection? It seems that this version of the courseware leans hard on Atlas/Compass – trying to see if I can do all this in local mode.

Hi dweller,

You may need one time internet to install the dependencies like Compass, MongoDB. If you want you can just import the dataset into your local mongo connection. And then whenever you need data/Compass, just use your local mongod.
Follow the instructions here.

Let me know if I can help!


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Perfect! Thank you so much, Kanika!

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