Integrate LDAP authentication with MongoDB Enterprise failing with Bind Errors


We are facing issues in integrating LDAP with MongoDB Enterprise trial version, facing issues in binding mongo with LDAP server.
Can anyone please provide some insights on binding MongoDB with LDAP server.


Hello @DreamSKY_CreationS ,

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Could you please confirm if you are still facing issue with this?
If yes, kindly send me a DM here in forums and I’ll get you in touch with the relevant team.


Hi @Tarun_Gaur,

Yes, we are still facing the issue with binding.
We are planning to upgrade to enterprise edition in our organization . But before that we are trying out LDAP integration with Trial Enterprise image.
Could you please help on this.


Hey KarthicK,

Unfortunately, ldap is not one of my strong suit. There are resources for this at

In case, if these documentations did not solve your issue, please DM me your contact details so I can notify the relevant teams. They should be contacting you shortly.

Feel free to reach out again for any help required.


Hi Tarun,

Thanks for your response.

Since we are from the organization, we can’t share official contact details and can’t connect with it. Hence explaining the issues here.

We are getting the below errors while trying to execute the Mongoldap command as below.

**mongoldap --user <user_name> --password <password> -f <mongo.conf file path>**

[FAIL] Attempted to bind to LDAP server without TLS with a plaintext password.
* Sending a password over a network in plaintext is insecure.
* To fix this issue, enable TLS or switch to a different LDAP bind mechanism.

We are following the below configurations (with our LDAP server details )from MongoDB’s official documentation.


   authorization: "enabled"
      servers: ""
         queryUser: ""
         queryPassword: "secret123"
               match: "(.+)",
               ldapQuery: "DC=example,DC=com??sub?(userPrincipalName={0})"
         queryTemplate: "{USER}?memberOf?base"
   authenticationMechanisms: "PLAIN"

So how we can implement LDAP bind mechanism to overcome these errors and connect to the LDAP server?


Sadly, I won’t be able to help you with this error as I do not have experience with LDAP, I would recommend you contact the support via Contact Us | MongoDB and you can also use the in-app chat support by clicking on chat icon on bottom right of the same support page.