Installing mongodb over Ubuntu 22.04

This one is worked for me .
Thank You!!

Step 5 does not work for me.

apt install libssl1.1
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree… Done
Reading state information… Done
Package libssl1.1 is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

E: Package ‘libssl1.1’ has no installation candidate

Package libssl1.1 is not available, but is referred to by another package

How are you guys getting past this?

I was able to manually download and install the libssl1.1 package:

sudo dpkg -i libssl1.1_1.1.0g-2ubuntu4_amd64.deb

Having said that though, this package has been deprecated in Ubuntu 22.04 which is why it’s not available anymore.

SERVER-62300 has been marked as CLOSED at the end of last month, so hopefully there will be a native Ubuntu 22.04 method of installation soon.

@Stennie_X, can you check with the team to see when Ubuntu 22.04 will be able to install MongoDB without jumping through hoops?


yep exactly, seeing so many workarounds is a recipe of disaster indeed

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Is MongoDB v4.0 supported on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) ?


Hello @Aniruddha_Kulkarni and welcome to the MongoDB Community forums! :wave:

MongoDB 4.0.x is no longer supported on any platform. That version reached end of life in April of this year. Check out the MongoDB Software Lifecycle Schedules page to see how long each version will be supported for.

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Hi @Doug_Duncan

I understand that it is end of life, but I was curious to know if it is even technically possible to have a MongoDB 4.0 instance running on Ubuntu Jammy?


Is it possible to run MongoDB 4.0 on Ubuntu 22.04? Yeah, pretty much anything is possible if you’re determined.

Is it recommended? Nope.

I just downloaded the generic Linux tarball, expanded it and ran it. This means that it’s not installed as you would expect when installing a .deb package and therefor I have to manually start and stop the process. I also have to create the users and data/log folders and make sure everything else is properly set up. Being that this is not an Ubuntu specific version, there might be performance issues. Also note that by running the older version, I’m missing out on all of the new features, performance improvements, security updates, etc of the new versions.

Now having said that, you were probably asking if one is able to apt install ... version 4.0. Given enough time I might even be able to install outdated packages to make the 4.0 version install that way, but why would I want to spend time on basically breaking my system, when I could be doing something fun and productive?

Once you have to start downloading deprecated packages on to your system, you need to ask yourself if what you’re trying to do is the right thing. Packages get deprecated for many reasons, and one of those is for security. openssl, like other software, has had its share of vulnerabilities. You’re taking a chance that there isn’t a vulnerability that could expose your system to being hacked. Sure newer versions of the package will have issues as well, but those will be actively patched and updated while the deprecated versions are left to rot in their current state.

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Any hope for MongoDB 5.0.x on 22.04?

Looking at the JIRA ticket mentioned a couple of times earlier in the thread we see the following:

Only v6.0 is listed in the Backport Requested section. :frowning:

I don’t know how much work it would take to get 5.0.x packages, but based on past history I would like to think that they would be able to get this version working on 22.04 as well, especially since 5.0 will be supported until October of 2024. This means the next LTS version of Ubuntu (24.04) will be out before support on the 5.0.x line ends. There is even hope that 4.4 will be supported on Ubuntu 22.04.

Now having said that, I am just a community member like you, and the above is only my thoughts on what might happen. We’ll have to await word from one of the MongoDB team members to know what the official plans are.


Is there a official date for 22.04 release

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Hi Everyone,

I know you’re anxiously awaiting official Ubuntu 22.04 packages.

As @Doug_Duncan noted, SERVER-62300 (Add support for Ubuntu 22.04 x86) has recently been committed to the current development branch (6.2.0-rc0). SERVER-62301(Add support for Ubuntu 22.04 ARM) is currently in code review.

These changes are scheduled to be backported to the 6.0 production release infrastructure.

Unfortunately I do not have a specific ETA to share yet as this is contingent on the build and release team resolving any packaging or build/test failures discovered during the release validation process for the different combinations of O/S, MongoDB server edition (Community or Enterprise), and architecture (x86_64 or arm64).

There are some possible workarounds mentioned earlier in this thread, but my suggestions would be:

  • Run your MongoDB deployment on separate hosts with supported O/S versions (eg 20.04 LTS)

  • Run MongoDB in a container/VM with a supported O/S version

  • Use a hosted version of MongoDB (eg MongoDB Atlas) so you have fewer direct dependencies on O/S updates



Can you try to see if there is any chance that 22.04 support is backported to 5.0.x?

can I use mongodb 6.x on ubuntu 22.04 ? I will install nodebb forum but I am not sure.

I just upgraded one of my 20.04 servers to mongodb 6.0. The next step was to upgrade the servers to 22.04 only to find out that half of the packages in the 6.0 repo are missing. 22.04 has been out since April and the latest point release was last month. Is there any timetable for when 6.0, or 5.0, be available on 22.04?

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I love MongoDB and I understand these things take time, but it’s honestly a bit disappointing that nearly 7 months after an LTS release there is still no official package available for one of the more popular Linux distributions out there. I want to upgrade my personal system and one of my servers, but I’ve been stuck on 20.04 and checking the JIRA page for updates almost daily for the last 3-4 months.

At least some approximate ETA within the range of a month or Q1-Q4 would been really appreciated, because right now we don’t even know if it’s coming tomorrow, next week or maybe even later next year. And yes of course there are tons of online guides on how to install it on 22.04, but not every user out there is knowledgeable enough to understand the implications of installing it in an “unofficial” way, or feel comfortable in doing so.

Don’t mean to sound entitled and ungrateful about a free product I appreciate, just wanted to give my feedback and two cents that a little communication from the MongoDB team about an ETA wouldn’t hurt no one. Cheers!

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Thanks Stennie, I realized that only after 9 hours of messing around with different versions of deb/ub. Good to know though you guys are working on it. I see that many of the links have changed. I think mongo is very cool… just wish you had an Arch or Manjaro based version. I guess you gotta take care of the corporate overlords first though who are probably still running debian 8. hah.

I actually got 6 installed on Jammy last night sorta by accident.

What repo are you pulling from, not the mongodb community: MongoDB Repositories

I only see about have the packages.