Installing MongoDB on computer

Hi - I’m relatively new to the developer course. I am trying to open the command prompt. So I unzipped the download file and clicked on mongo.exe. A window opened and then closed. I do not have a command prompt I can work with. Am I supposed to use the windows command prompt? That didn’t work…the windows command prompt did nothing (error message). Can somebody help me so I can get the mongo shell running? Thanks.

When you have an

it is best to share with us the content of the error message. Usually, it helps to diagnose the issue.

Yes, Windows command prompt is the way to invoke mongo.

Most likely you did not adjust your %PATH% to include mongo’s bin directory.

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I am not sure if you need to reboot the PC after adding the additional path.

Also be aware that if mongo import tools are required for your course, and you installed v4.4, they are no longer incorporated into that install and need to be installed separately, with their installed directory path added in as well.