Installing mongodb-community@7.0 on MacOS gives error

Hi there. My objective is to install mongodb-community@7.0 on MacOS. According to this guide here, it should be as simple as running:

brew install mongodb-community@7.0

But this just gives the following error:

Warning: No available formula with the name "mongodb-community@7.0". Did you mean mongodb-community@5.0, mongodb-community or mongodb-community@4.4?
==> Searching for similarly named formulae and casks...
==> Formulae
mongodb/brew/mongodb-community@5.0    mongodb/brew/mongodb-community ✔      mongodb/brew/mongodb-community@4.4

To install mongodb/brew/mongodb-community@5.0, run:
  brew install mongodb/brew/mongodb-community@5.0

==> Casks

To install mongodb-compass, run:
  brew install --cask mongodb-compass

I did try to resolve this with brew tap mongodb/brew and brew update - but to no help.


Hi, I also meet this trouble currently. It seems like the official Homebrew formula for MongoDB Community has no upgrade for Version 7.0 currently and still been pending on Verison 6.0.6:

    url ""
    sha256 "61ea12cc65bc47b3ed87e550147eb0b9a513db812165a4b5d1a5841d68280045"
    url ""
    sha256 "a3ddf886901c59f185cc232282a0dcfa358d14cf48cb49d72b638d87df8eefd9"
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Hey @Alex_Bjorlig/@CG_YANG,

Thanks for reaching out to MongoDB Community forums!

Please allow us some time to cross-check this, and we will provide you with an update.



Just spotted this too. Seems the docs have been updated but the new version hasn’t been setup in the homebrew tap.

Hi, there is definitely a problem.

I did the installation of v6 a few days ago without any issues.
Now I’m trying to install v7 and facing this problem as Alex mentioned.

Hardware: Macbook Air M2, latest OS.

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Hey everyone,

We have updated the “homebrew tap” to support 7.0. We hope you can now download the latest MongoDB version using homebrew.

brew install mongodb-community@7.0

In case of any further questions, feel free to open a new thread.


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