Installing issues

i am trying to install mongodb community edition on ubuntu 20 through this docs

when i run sudo apt-get update command i am getting these errors

Err:5 MongoDB Repositories focal/mongodb-org/6.0 InRelease
403 Forbidden [IP: 2600:9000:2240:5800:0:bd83:86c0:93a1 443]

i have read about apt-get 403 errors and the answers point to internet restrictions so i tried with vpn but i ran to the same issue

Could be firewall issues
Did you try from another network?
Check this link

firewall is not even activated yet its a new server

i have done this many times before and i never had this problem

i have to mention that i have installed mongodb on my own laptop and its working well but when i try sudo apt-get update iam having the same error

iam not sure about internet ; there are too many restrictions on internet here (in iran) but i tried with 2 different internet providers and also with vpn

i have tried what was said in the link you mentioned the result was the same still same issue exists