Installation of MongoDb on Ubuntu 22.04


I am trying to install Mongodb in Ubuntu22.04 but it is not working. Can anyone from the community tell me that, is it possible to install mongodb in Ubuntu 22.04? As , I was trying to solve this problem, I hadlooked a lot of online documentations and support where people mentioned that it is not possible to use the db with ubuntu 22.04.
Like first some kind of impish security file Release was giving error e.g., file format is not valid and
‘404: IP not found.’ Then I removed that whole file as I thought it might be of different previous versions. But in the end, got other errors and a lot of complications…

Are there other methods?
Like using Atlas or some kind of containerization using Dockers?

As one of the other methods I tried using MongoDB Atlas and trying to connect the atlas server through VS-Code, but the connection never occurs despite of using the right connection string from the hosted server…

Any suggestions or help will be welcomed:)

Atlas with Vscode should work.What error are you getting
Check this link

Also check our forum threads for alternative solutions for Mongodb on Ubuntu 20.04

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Thanks for replying.

The problem is with IP address. It was not whitelisted before. I changed the setting. And now it is working.