Install libmongocrypt on windows 11

I have downloaded the libmongocrypt (for Client-Side field level encryption) zip file for windows using the link given on the Link page. I am trying to figure out what to do after the download. How to install it on the system?
Can anyone help me?

Yes doc does not give any steps for Windows.It must be a simple install of that dll
Did you try to unzip/extract that downloaded file?
I think it creates a directory and extracts the file under whichever path you saved it
After install you have to update your path and run test as per steps in the doc

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I did unzip the file. It contains 2 folders - bin and includes. The content of these folders are uploaded in the links below:

It is still not clear to me how do I install the library using these contents.
Nothing, in the case of installation in windows, is given in the docs as well.

Can you give me step by step instructions to do so?

Sorry I don’t have detailed steps
May be you have to write c program to call this include file?

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Can you provide more details on what you are trying to do:

  • version of MongoDB server
  • version of MongoDB driver

Based on the documentation link you referenced, I assume you may be trying to use the preview of Queryable Encryption. If so, you will need to meet all of the Queryable Encryption Installation Requirements.


I am trying to implement client-side field level encryption using a windows OS. I have already downloaded libmongocrypt zip file for windows 11 (from the Link) and unzipped it. I do not know how to install the libmongocrypt package from that extracted folder.

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