insert not permitted from Postman


I am trying to write a document inside a collection using the HTTP endpoint. First I am trying this with the postman to see if it can post the document. I have created a Post Request and function to write the data in Postman I am passing all the required data with Key as well. but throwing this error


this is my JSON Schema

and This is my post-request

In Function, I am using simple InserOne to insert the Document.

Also this is the rule setup

Can anyone please help me with this issue pls

Hi @The_Outfit_Lab and welcome to the community forum.

From the first screenshot you shared, it appears that the variants sub-document is marked as a “required field”. However, the POST request you sent is missing this sub-document.

Could you please confirm if you are still encountering the same issue after including the sub-document fields in the POST request?