Insert Documents in various Collections in single DB

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What is the best way to insert documents in various collections in Java?
Now I created a simple class with @Document annotation in which there is SpEL sentence with getting collectionName (see later) from Spring bean (I’m setting new collectionName in it before insertion), but I think it is not the best way…
So, I have single DB, e.g. TestDB, and it has many collections, e.g. Collection_1, Collection_2 and etc… In code I must choose to which collection insert document.
So, collectionNameHolder has just String collectionName;.
Class for document:

@Document(collection = “#{collectionNameHolder.getCollectionName()}”)
class TestDocument {



I work with Spring Data…

I do not know if it is the best. I know it is the simplest.

Forgo all extra layers and simply use

MongoClient mongo = ...
MongoDatabase database = mongo.getDatabase( "TestDB" ) ;
MongoCollection<Document> collection = database.getCollection( "Collection_1" ) ;
Document testDocument = ...
collection.insertOne( testDocument ) ;

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