Insert a record when schema has a relationship to another schema

I am using the relationship feature when creating a schema for my collections. It is a one to many relationship. The first collection allows writes so we can add new records. The second collection is read only and is used to read related data for the first collection

When I try to insert a new record into the first collection and set its related record to an existing record in the second collection I am getting the following error in the logs.

It looks like the insert is also attempting to insert the related record into the second collection. I am only trying to add the second record as an existing related item and not trying to add anything new.

Do you have any advice on how to proceed? Is there a different method or schema pattern I should be using for this use case? Is the feature designed to be used in this way?

Can you send a link to your application logs in the cloud UI? Also, perhaps the code you are using to make this update?

The error message does indicate that there are changes to the object in the readAll collection, but perhaps we can be of help figuring out why that is.


Thanks, I messaged you privately with the requested information.