Inquiries about student pack benefits

I just got access to MongoDB free certificate and credits with my verified student pack developer account.

However, it’s not clear to me what steps I should take to make the most of these benefits and how to use them. These questions have been going on in my head: What courses are required to be completed before I can take the exam or on what can you use the credits you have in Atlas?

Also, can students only attempt this exam once for free?

I’m eager to start learning about MongoDB and looking forward to an answer.

Hello @KironStylo_N_A ,

Welcome to the MongoDB for Academia community!

To be eligible for free certification, students must complete and pass all courses associated with one of our two learning paths (Developer or Database Administrator). Students who complete both learning paths (Developer and DBA) will be eligible for two vouchers, one per exam. Additional instructions on how to access this benefit can be found on MongoDB Student Pack after logging in with GitHub.

You are encouraged to start building your next project on our Free Cluster or create a paid cluster with this $50 Atlas credits GitHub student pack perk! For inspiration, check out the MongoDB Developer Center (MongoDB Developer Center) for the latest MongoDB tutorials, videos and code examples.

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Thanks for providing me with these helpful links.

I have been reading some of the articles and discovering stuff on my Atlas account for a while. I would like to clear up this doubt related to the access code and Atlas.

If I redeem my access code, it will be applied to an organization I own. if that’s true, does it mean I can use these credits anytime to make a purchase like upgrading my cluster?

I wanted to know if reedeming my access code will make these credits for limited-time use only? Like you must use them before a period of time.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi @KironStylo_N_A,

When you are logged into the MongoDB for Students page, you will see a button labeled “request your access code”. You can press that and you will be given an Atlas code. You then take that code and apply it to your Atlas organization in the manner Sarah described above. You have 12 months after applying your credit code to use them all. If you generate a code and do not use it, it expires in 6 months.

I hope this answers your questions, please let me know if you have any others!