India vMUG: Building App-Driven Analytics with MongoDB Aggregation, VS Code Extension and more!

Join MongoDB India Virtual User Group on Saturday, July 15th for a day of learning, meeting other developers in the region, and taking back home some exciting MongoDB Swag!

The event will focus on analyzing the sample_mflix dataset and follow up with interactive activities to learn how to build complex analytical queries with MongoDB’s Aggregation Framework and how to generate visualizations using MongoDB Charts.

To RSVP - Please click on the “✓ RSVP” link at the top of this event page if you plan to attend. The link should change to a green highlighted button if you are going. You need to be signed in to access the button.

New to MongoDB?

:bulb: We’ll start with an optional to attend overview session on MongoDB and Atlas App Services. Make sure you join at 10:30 AM to participate in the jumpstart session and get all the knowledge you need to attend the workshop later.

We’ll begin the event with introductions and engaging ice-breakers. Then, we’ll explore the world of app-driven analytics and learn how to create complex analytical queries using MongoDB’s Aggregation Framework. Additionally, we’ll discover the process of generating visualizations through Charts.

Once you’ve gained a solid understanding of the core concepts, we’ll provide opportunities to apply your newfound knowledge, participate in :dart: Breakout Room Activities and win exciting prizes :gift: This will give you the chance to craft complex aggregation queries, extract valuable insights, and potentially win some swag!

We’ll also have a :raised_hands: Hangout Room where one can join and network with other Attendees, Speakers, MongoDB Champions, Enthusiasts, MUG Leaders, and Staff :handshake:

Breakout Room Sessions:

  • MongoDB VS Code Extension: Join Himanshu, Software Engineer 3 to see MongoDB for VS Code Extension in action! Learn how to navigate your data on MongoDB, build queries and aggregations and export them to popular programming languages, prototype with Playgrounds, and more.

  • Get Introduced to MongoDB Atlas Search: With MongoDB Atlas Search, you can build a full-text search on top of your data in minutes. Stop wasting time on a separate search system alongside Atlas and start taking advantage of a seamless and scalable solution for building relevance-based application features. Join @viraj_thakrar’s session to get a quick introduction to its capabilities.


Time Topic
10:30 AM [Optional] MongoDB Overview - Jumpstart Session
11:00 AM Meet and Greet w/ Swags to Win!!
11:30 AM Workshop: Building App-Driven Analytics using MongoDB Aggregation
12:30 PM Breakout Rooms: MongoDB VsCode Extension Demo, + Challenges, Hangout, Builders Sessions
01:30 PM Closing: Networking and Fun



Sumanta Mukhopadhyay,

MongoDB Enthusiast | AVP Technology @ Finarb


Shrey Batra

MongoDB Champion | Founder @CosmoCloud


Viraj Thakrar

MongoDB User Group Leader | Founder Webstring Services

Himanshu Singh

Software Engineer 3, MongoDB

Sandhya Dev

Solutions Architect, MongoDB


This looks great - looking forward to it!


We just announced our first Builder’s Session :tada: -

MongoDB VS Code Extension Demo: Join Himanshu, Software Engineer 3 @ MongoDB to see MongoDB for VS Code Extension in action! Learn how to navigate your data on MongoDB, build queries and aggregations and export them to popular programming languages, prototype with Playgrounds, and more.

More sessions are to be announced soon!


Wow! Excited to be part of this event!!


Hey folks! :wave:

Super excited to announce our second session for the Builders’ Session! :tada:

MongoDB Atlas Search Demo: Join Viraj Thakrar, Founder, Webstring Technologies, and our MongoDB User Group Leader to learn all about Atlas Search and see it live in action!


Hello Everyone!

Gentle Reminder: The event is tomorrow at 10:30 AM and we are thrilled to have you all join us.

Zoom Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

We want to make sure everyone has a fantastic time, so please join us at 10:30 AM to ensure you don’t miss any of the sessions. We can also have some time to chat before the talks begin.

To make sure you are all set for the workshop and challenge, we recommend a few pre-requisites:

Don’t worry if you are busy; we will provide time during the workshop to assist you with these steps.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by replying to this thread! Looking forward to seeing you all at the event! :slight_smile:

Hey guys!
A gentle reminder - we are starting in 5 minutes. Look forward to seeing you! :smile:

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Can we get the recording of the session? Missed it due to some personal issues


Hey @Ankit_Sharma3 - We are processing the recordings - will post them as soon as possible and notify everyone! :slight_smile:

@Harshit still waiting for recordings, It’s been 15+ days.
Any update?

Hey @Karnish_Master and @Ankit_Sharma3,
We are still working on how those recordings will be edited and published. However, in the meantime, you could see this Zoom recording which has a lot of pre-event conversations as well which you will have to forward.

Recording Details

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