Indexes on TSDB


Im working on a project which uses time series database. In our project we created many TS collections in ~november 2022. Last week we created some other TS collections and now seems like you can edit the data in the collection and now it show indexes.

But in the older TS collections, no indexes are showing and the data can still be edited.

Is there some update i missed? Should i create the indexes on the older TS by myself or they still exist?

Hey @Felipe_Rojas1,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community!

Could you please share the specific version of MongoDB you are using?

  • Just to clarify, when you say “TS collection,” are you referring to a TimeSeries collection?

  • Could you please share the command you used to create a TimeSeries collection? Also, which field is the index being created for? Would you mind sharing the output of db.collection_name.getIndexes().

  • And when you mention “edit the data,” are you referring to updating the documents in the time series collection?

Look forward to hearing from you.