Index size in time-series collections

Hi guys,
I have a doubt about the size of index in time-series collection.
I created a time-series collections and populated with 40 milions of documents.
When I saw screen in my mongodb atlas, I saw 1.29GB of index size, but when I enter in collection I saw 658.47MB of index size.

Wich one is correct?

Hi @Robson_Pelegrini and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

The discrepancy you are seeing seems to be a little odd.
Can you confirm if you are looking at the correct collection from the DB level and the collection level from the attached screenshots.
Based on the two screenshots attached, the logical size and the storage size also seem to differ.


Hi @Aasawari, thanks for your answer.
Yes, my screenshot is them same collection, in the same DB, you can see the name of collection now.
Look, I get new screenshots now.

I don’t know if is a bug, but, the index total size of image 2, is the avg index size of image 1.