Index not beeing created correctly

Hi, this is my first post I hope I don’t miss out lol
The thing is that I created a big collection with more than 1TB of data (I was 1 and half importing it with mongoimport), and now once is all imported and have more than 400M rows, I am trying to create the index but it get’s stuck at 4.1KB

It goes without saying that the index doesn t work and is not used ina search, any idea?
I did a similar collection but only 1/700 rows and the index was created correctly with a size of 1MB or something like that

Did you ever use db.currentOp() to check if the op is still in progress?

Also try using db.collection.totalIndexSize() to check total index size.

It was because the file was huge, it took some time but now is working.
Btw do you know why I got more errors using mongoimport than importing from compass?