Index and query engine string operator's

Hi, i develop Xamarin app to UWP, IOS and Android

I’m converting from a SQLite local db to Realm. I have from 200K to 1500K rows. Db is read-only.

My doubt is String Operators are optimized to use Index and not make a total scan ?

public class Words(){
public Guid _id { get; set; }

public string Word { get; set;}

imaging i need to locate rows that contains young, and i need to recover rows that contains young, Loretta Young, Ralph Young Junior, old-young and Young and guaranteed the order : young, Young, old-young, Loretta Young, Ralph Young Junior.
I imagine to made two queries and make results union .
var w = Realm().Where(t => t.word.StartsWith(“young”,
ignoreCase, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture));
union to
var w1 = Realm().Where(t => t.word.Like("* young*",
ignoreCase, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture) && t.word.Like("-young",
ignoreCase, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture));

I can’t find Where in class documentation Namespace Realms | Realm

Indexed made any difference in query or i need create properties like word.Lowcase , a property to restrict rows to execute like ?

Thanks for any help.

Correcting the second like is contain * at start and end, but i don’t know why editor is eliminating it.

Hi @Sergio_Carbonete

I am not sure I understood what is your issue. Are you trying your queries with and without the
Indexed attribute and getting similar speed results? The Indexed attribute should allow to greatly improve speed with queries, at the cost of a slightly slower insertion times.

Regarding the method Where is not in the documentation because is part of the LINQ framework, but you can find additional information here.