Incremental update with Power BI Service

I have successfully installed MongoDB Atlas Connector and ODBC Driver on a On-premisePower BI Gateway to collect data from Atlas.
Now I would like to have incremental refresh.
Is it possible with Atlas Connector ?
Any recommandation ?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @Vincent_Quillet - I am not sure if our connector works with this feature. I will try to test it out myself, and ask MS if they can tell us directly if it should work in theory. I came across a few articles that were focused on incremental refresh plus real time data. For that, it requires a Direct Query connection type. And we are planning to release a new version of our connector that include DQ support. Also, I saw that incremental refresh requires a premium power bi license. I will research this some more and report back.

Hi @Alexi_Antonino - Thank you for your reply.
From my understanding, Direct Query (and Premium plan) are not mandatory
see Incremental refresh for semantic models and real-time data in Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Learn :

Incremental refresh is supported for Power BI Premium, Premium per user, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Embedded models.

I don’t want to have real time data at this point and it seems that PBI Pro is satisfying for now.
So AFAIU the most important is to know if Atlas MongoDB connector is able to do Query folding.
I will continue investigating and am waiting for your feedback.

Hi There - yes we have a version of the connector that can handle query folding, but it is not the version MS is shipping currently (we are waiting for them to update to this version now). If you want the version that supports native sql and query folding, please download the latest from our MongoDB Download Center: Download Power BI Connector | MongoDB
Don’t forget to download both the connector and driver (odbc) as both have code to support the native sql and query folding.