Incremental Backup of Mongo Community Server

Hi, I’m running Mongo Community Server for a start-up project on a single linux instance (nodeJS) and looking into back-up options. Ideally, I do not want any loss of data as I’m working with an Auction site. I doubt if usage will be high in the short term so looking at a simple solution for the moment.

Though I can use mongodump to back-up the data every hour, there is a period where no back-up is made. Does mongo write to a temporary file? If yes, I could use this to restore the full data. Is this possible?

The other option I came across was ‘Ops Manager’ which I think provides a continuous back-up, which sounds to be the best option. But I read its only available for MongoDB Enterprise Advanced subscription.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve my goal, or at least to the nearest point?

You need oplog for incremental backups and you have to convert your single instance to replica
You might have already seen mongo docs .For latest versions mongodump with oplog is not recommended

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