Increased startup time after upgrading from 3.6.18 to 4.0.23

Hi @kevinadi, I am upgrading from 3.6.18 to 4.0.23 and the startup time after upgrade has ranged from 4hrs to 24+ hrs. Shard data is around approx 40GB, with lots of collections and indexes. On setting loglevel to 1, I see a stream of messages like these
: Changing table logging settings. Uri: table:index-138435-1111286733348749652 Enable? 0 and also
“clearing plan cache - collection info cache reset” .

So it seems that the fix in SERVER-25025 is not in v4.0.23 . Ticket indicates fix was in 4.0.15 . Does that mean it’s only in that specific version and absent in a later version ?