Import problem SQL Server


Suddenly a load that worked for years stopped working. We import data from MongoDB to SQL Server and nowadays get this error.

(DF) Load STG Total:Error: Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) error occurred. state: ‘42S02’. Native Error Code: 1146. [MySQL][ODBC 1.4(a) Driver][mysqld-5.7.12 mongosqld v2.14.0]Table ‘’ doesn’t exist.

The “table” we load is an array within a collection.

We got “MongoDB BI Connector ODBC Driver” installed.

Does anyone got an idea why this happens?

Hi @Fredrik_Soderlind so sorry you have encountered this. It could be a change to SQL Server or something on the Mongo side. Based on the error, it seems like maybe the BI Connector sampling and relational schema could have been running or ran, but had problems. This is just a guess. If you create a support ticket you will get more customized assistance.
Also, if you are using the Atlas BI Connector, I would recommend you try out the new Atlas SQL Interface. The Atlas SQL Interface will replace the BI Connector next year (June 2025). We did get the new Atlas SQL ODBC driver working successfully with SQL Server (both Linked Servers and SSIS). Let me know if you have any questions , I am the product manager for both BI Connector and the SQL Interface.