Implementing Partial Document Updates in MongoDB with Kafka Message and MongoDB Sink Connector

I’m currently working on a project where I need to perform partial updates to MongoDB documents using Kafka messages and the MongoDB Sink Connector. I want to know the best practices for achieving this efficiently and reliably. How can I configure the MongoDB Sink Connector to handle partial updates properly? What considerations should I keep in mind when designing the Kafka messages to ensure seamless updates on the MongoDB side? Are there any potential challenges or limitations I should be aware of while using this setup? Any advice or examples from those who have successfully implemented this integration would be greatly appreciated. As an Example my document look like

 ' "_id": {
    "$oid": "64c9e8a171a00a16160e1f86"
  "last_name": "no name",
  "unique_id": "pqr234",
  "first_name": "no luck",
  "email": ""

and need update email filed Thank you!