I'm not able to see my created db under my cluster

Hello guys!
I’ve installed the mongodb VS code extension.
I created a db inside my cluster and a collection inside my db via mongodb playground.
I’ve noticed that the created db isn’t showing under my cluster.
Though I’m able to see the db with it’s collection on the Atlas cloud.

Why I’m not able to see my created db in vs code?
Thank you

Hello @Karim_sari_eddine ,

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If you’re not currently using the latest version, I recommend updating VSCode to the most recent version available, which is Version: 1.77.3 (Universal) . Additionally, ensure that you have updated the MongoDB Extension to the latest version, MongoDB for VS Codev0.11.1 .

Furthermore, please verify that the user you are attempting to log in with has the appropriate database permissions (such as Atlas admin or readWriteAnyDatabase role) to access the cluster data.

If the issue persists, please don’t hesitate to provide us with more information, including:

  • The operating system and its version that you are using.
  • The role of the Atlas user you are attempting to connect with.
  • The version of VSCode you have installed.
  • The version of the MongoDB Extension you have installed.