If I update my data federation storage configuration, when will other connections see that change?

If I’m connected to my data federation instance, and there are other connections open or currently running queries, when will those other connections see the new storage configuration? I ran some tests with the Go Driver where I changed the path for a collection’s S3 data source. The client that made the update sees the new data immediately. The second client only sees the data from the new path after 5 minutes, but I’m not sure if this is happening on the backend, or if the Go Driver is closing and re-opening the connection after 5 minutes. It seems to me that disconnecting and reconnecting usually refreshes the view of the data, but not always - if I recall correctly, data federation caches the storage configuration across connections for a small period of time, but I can’t find this in the docs. It also seems like the second client will see the new data if it runs storageGetConfig after the update has been made but before running a query, but this doesn’t work for my use-case unfortunately.

It can take up to 5 minutes for the changes to propagate across the system.