If an error occurs in mongodb crud operations will it return an error in Nodejs?

I’m baffled that if there any errors occur in the middle of a crud operation in Nodejs. What will return???

  1. A document contains {acknowledge: false}
  2. A real error

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If an error occurs in the middle of a CRUD operation in Node.js, the function or method that was called will typically throw an error or return an error object.

In the case where the document contains {acknowledge: false}, it is possible that this could be interpreted as a successful operation, depending on the specific context and requirements of the application. However, if there was a real error during the operation, the error object returned will typically contain information about the error, such as a message describing the error and a status code indicating the type of error.

We need to handle errors appropriately to prevent unexpected behavior or crashes in the application. This can be done by implementing error-handling mechanisms, such as try-catch blocks, error middleware functions, or other error-handling libraries, to handle errors gracefully and provide meaningful responses to users.

I hope this answers your questions! Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.