Ide not starting

When I run the command from the shell nothing happens

That’s good news though, it succeeded and is connected to the remote cluster (hosted on Atlas).

What is the issue?

Hi @Jayesh_Nayak,

You are running this command on your local computer and IDE provided in the courseware is a different environment and it has no connection to your local system. So, whatever work you are doing on your local machine is not going to be reflected in the IDE.

Can you share some more information on what you are trying to accomplish here so that we can help you out?

~ Shubham

hi Shubham

I was going thru the chapter one of the M001 course the last LAB connect to your Atlas cluster. according to the instructions I ran the command on command line and i do not see any ide opned.

Hi Jayesh,

it is true, you can connect to the Atlas cluster “Sandbox” within your Windows cmd (I saw C:\Users\Jayesh) and you can solve most parts of Lab questions in there. Sometimes it shall be enough to fetch answers you are able to get this way and put them back into your open browser tab, where the Lab in question resides.

However, other times, that is not enough to get desired credits for your answer (in green). Occasionally we shall have to read the Lab instructions very carefully to determine if we are supposed to use the in-browser IDE presented below the Lab questions.

In particular watch out for a green “Run tests” button attached to the in-browser IDE which might be another hint, they expect us to solve part of the Lab within the online IDE presented.

Hope it helps a little, Regards, M.

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Hi @Jayesh_Nayak ,

In the lab Chapter 1: Connect to your Atlas Cluster, if you scroll to the bottom you will see the IDE which looks like this :point_down:. You are supposed to run your command in the terminal area. Hope it helps!

~ Shubham