IDE Discussion Thread

Are you currently using a MongoDB extension or plugin for your IDE? Why or why not?

If you ARE, which one and what do you like about it? What features do you wish it had?

If you are NOT, what features would you benefit from having in an extension or plugin for your IDE?

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Hello Ashni,

I use MongoDB for VS Code because to me, it’s nicer than Compass when you’re working in the IDE and don’t want to go through multiple windows.

What I’d love even more, is if Device Sync, GraphQL, Atlas Functions and Triggers etc. were all ran through the same plugin.

I also wish there was an Xcode plugin, too. Because when working on iOS or MacOS applications, it would be nice to do the same functionalities in Xcode I do in VS Code for the exact same things/items/issues.

It would especially be incredible if there was a plugin to side load Realm/Device Sync into React.Native via command line such as Expo, like you can in VS Code pushing the Swift MongoDB Driver.

I also wish there was a built in plugin for VS Code, Xcode, etc. for debugging and handling issues with Realm/Device Sync, and MongoDB like WiredTiger, and other tools to inspect the Realm Dumps and MongoDB Dumps etc. and parse the logs from your IDE, to just click or through commands go to the appropriate areas causing the issue and just fix them all from the same window/terminal/program/IDE.