I want to convert my mongodb from atlas to a local database

Hey Y’all,

so I started my webapp using mongodb atlas, and the product requirements for my customer requires a local database so I must switch from cloud to local. does anyone have experience doing this? I am currently using the mern stack (mongodb, express js, react, and node js)

This should be pretty straight forward. Once you decide where the local/on-prem MongoDB will run just get a mongodump from Atlas and mongorestore it into the new cluster. Then change your MongoDB URI in the app and you should be all set.



Does live migration work in reverse?

im not worried so much about the data because I am still in development, product isn’t deployed yet - just using mock data so I don’t need the old data
but yes @nchan that is a good question

and @Asya_Kamsky thank you for your help, I am fairly new to the MERN stack and js/mongo in general so I’ll use this thread if I have any further questions as far as my backend setup goes for my project, but I should be okay. thank you

Live migration is currently only supported from a source replica set or sharded cluster to a MongoDB Atlas cluster. There are a lot of moving parts to coordinate for a successful live migration.

I suggest creating a feature suggestion on the new MongoDB Feedback site so others can upvote and subscribe to updates.


@stennie Thanks! I did not think it would but I was curious, we used it to go on prem to Atlas, it was nice.

Live migration doesn’t work for non Atlas targets. I thought mongomirror could help with live migration data from Atlas to on-prem, but it didn’t.