I screwed up and deleted my realm and mongodb atlas

I had been looking for Realm and didn’t know it. I am building a Xamarin app, quite simple but have worked on it a long time. The big bugaboo was Authentication and I felt a sync functionality would be a good idea. All the solutions I found for Azure, Firebase, etc was just ugh. Stumbled on Real taking one more look at MongoDb. I went to work on the Xamarin example and in shoot an hour or so it was authenticating with Email / Password syncing with the back end. Perfect. I had it all gunked up with entries and I was loosing the thread of how things were actually working. I thought I should be able to delete the Realm and start over. That didn’t do it, so I deleted the original Atlas db too, deleted the Realm app on my test phone, still no joy. I now know all of this could of probably been prevented if I had read some first and not assumed. Is there a white paper or something that shows how to get an app in development back to zero to start over?

Hello @Michael_Gamble,

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My name is Brock and I would like to be as of much assistance to you in this matter as I can.

I would encourage subscribing to MongoDB Support (Atlas Developer subscription is fine) with your account details and if you have it, the name of your Atlas cluster and we can maybe see if we can recover it for you.

To subscribe for a support subscription (it’ll be around $50 USD)

I cannot make any promises or garuntees, but we will do our best and try for you.

To subscribe to support you go into Atlas.

Click Account Management >> Bottom left second from the bottom click Support, then click on the Developer Support Plan. You DO get a 30 day free trial offering at the present time.

Then make a ticket and include the following:
Your billing details/account information.
The cluster name (what you think you named it as close as you can)
Cluster service provider (Azure, AWS, GCP)
Shared Tier or Dedicated Tier etc.
When you deleted it.
The name of any Realm apps.

If we can restore your application and its data, we will. But again, I cannot make any promises on this. But the sooner a support ticket is made to us, the sooner that we can try to help you with this situation.

Our Technical Services Team takes these matters seriously and does its best to create a positive result. But do keep in mind that situations like this can be limited.

In regards to your other query, it depends what is going on with the application as many things are rather simple fixes.

You want to start with schema driven development as a best practice, and build your Realm Objects from there. As Realm and Atlas are JSON based data formats, and referencing Realm Objects in code varies from language to language.

Technical services can help with this to a point as well for helping with technical issues with setting up your Realm application. We just need a better break down of what you’re trying to do, what’s happening, and why you feel it’s jumbled up.

We also have professional services whom can architect your application but at additional cost. But firstly if you would like us to try and recover your lost application and data, the above is the first series of steps.



Hello @Michael_Gamble,

Specifically for your C# authentication using Xamarin, that is something that Technical Services is able to assist you with.

Technical Services would just need the following:

  • Current authentication code snippets
  • SDK Version (Which version of the C# driver)
  • Trace Logs
  • Realm APP ID
  • Realm APP Link (the web link that goes to your app)
  • Details of the obstacles you are experiencing, and if there is any clarity issues in our documentation.
  • IDE being used and version of IDE
  • Platforms you’re intending to use the application on.
  • API information for any third party APIs you are going to use that interface with the authentication.
  • Information of what kind of application you’re making, and how it will be used. (As Technical Services may have easier/better recommendations on your application and its authentication means)

When Technical Services receives this, they can better guide you into accomplishing the end goal. Many in Technical Services have experience initiating working application logic with the C# SDK among the others.

As stated in the other post I made, the best way for us to support you in this would start with the Technical Services Developer Subscription, and we can put our best efforts to breach the obstacles you’re experiencing.

Of course, you are also still welcome to post this information here on the forums and we can do what we can to assist you. - You have options to acquire the best support in making your application successful.

Welcome to the community! I hope you have great experiences and success with your applications development.



This was just the example in your documentation for a Xamarin app. It was working and then I messed it up thinking I could just delete the program on the Android Phone, get rid of the backed Atlas and Realm. What I was more asking about is how to just start over. No important data was lost just test data. Is there a link for that. I looked and could not find anything?

Duh, I figured it out! Sometimes I just get so wrapped up in pushing ahead I forgot that there was a whole backend that needed to be setup first. I’m on my way thanks for your time!

Hello @Michael_Gamble,

Should you need any help or assistance, we are available.

I also recommend that you look at our Realm Client Reset Logic as that is a critical function should you need to resync your application.

I am relieved that no critical data was lost though.