I have a schema inside my model who depends on this model and need to populate his data

First of all, sorry about my english.

I have a Schema inside my Model depending her, this is how my model is, im using nestjs:

export class Component {
    @Prop({ required: true })
    name: string;

        type: String,
        enum: ComponentTypesEnum,
        required: true,
    type: ComponentTypesEnum;

    label?: string;

    placeholder?: string;

    @Prop({ required: true })
    help: string;

    componentValues: Array<ComponentValues>;

    @Prop({ required: true, default: false })
    hasValidators: boolean;

        type: ComponentValidator,
        default: {
            required: false,
            minLength: 0,
            maxLength: 0,
            numberMinLength: 0,
            numberMaxLength: 0,
    validators: ComponentValidator;


export class ComponentValues {
    // @Prop({ required: true, unique: true })
    // id: string;

    @Prop({ required: true, type: mongoose.Schema.Types.Mixed })
    value: string | number | boolean;

    @Prop({ type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: "File", autopopulate: autopopulateOptions })
    image?: string;

    @Prop({ ref: "Component", default: [] })
    options: Array<Component>;

And in this options who reference to Componet I need to populate data , but using autopopulate plugin will not work.