I have a query regarding new SSPL LICENSE

Hello community, thanks for a such a awesome product for storing no-sql data. My query is , we are using mongodb to store our no SQL data and all the binaries like frontend(react), back end(Java) and database like mongodb, redis are containierized into a single docker image and published for commercial use. Will I need to pay licensing cost to mongodb if I use like this?

  1. Can I sell my software if I package mongodb with my backend and frontend source code together in a single docker image?

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Manikumar_Nune!

Please see the Server Side Public License FAQ for questions around licensing.

I think a relevant FAQ would be:

What will happen if someone in the community is currently building something on MongoDB Community Server?

There will be no impact to anyone in the community building an application using MongoDB Community Server unless it is a publicly available MongoDB as a service. The copyleft condition of Section 13 of the SSPL does not apply to companies building other applications or a MongoDB as a service offering for internal-only use.

Since you are planning to redistribute, I recommend investigating the MongoDB Partner Program which includes support & benefits for OEM and other partner integrations.


Hello stennie, thank you for the response. Still I am confused with the internal use only. I want to commercial my solution. My solution is to build a low code app which will use mongodb as a database to store my data. And I am shipping the solution as a single docker image.

Your commercial solution isn’t a MongoDB as a service solution. You are not selling MongoDB clusters to your clients like MongoDB Atlas is doing. So you are good :+1: :smiley: !


My solution is to build a low code app which will use mongodb as a database to store my data.

Hi @Manikumar_Nune,

Per the SSPL FAQ, copyleft conditions of Section 13 of the SSPL only apply if you are building a publicly available MongoDB-as-a-service offering.

To reiterate @MaBeuLux88’s comment: using MongoDB Community Server as the database for an application that users install on-premises is not providing a public MongoDB-as-a-service offering.

The Partner Program I mentioned may be of interest if there is a company or commercial entity that would like potential technical, sales, or marketing benefits to support your solution. It may be too early in your planning or development process to consider applying for a program like this, but it is an option to keep in mind for future.



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