I have a collection with multiple site ObjId's, how could I delete the oldest document based on the date field which have the same site objid field and also add a new field of isCurrent to the only record available?


Is this a one time thing or a frequent use-case?

For a frequent use-case, it is important to try to do it with the least number of database requests. But for a one time thing, like a migration to a new schema, we can afford to be a sloppy.

My sloppy approach would be:

  1. $sort by one of the following index site-date, date-site, site, date
  2. $group by site using $max to find the most recent date
  3. $out in a temp collection
  4. read the temp collection to make a bulk write in the source collection that will set isCurrent to all site,date tuple of temp collection
  5. run a delete many on the source collection for isCurrent:{$exists:false}

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