I get errors from felxible sync

This is my code , which i am conviguered realm in flutter main.dart
final app = App(AppConfiguration(“budgettes-caogcee”,
baseUrl: Uri.parse(“https://realm.mongodb.com”)));
final currentUser =
app.currentUser ?? (await app.logIn(Credentials.anonymous()));
providers: [
ChangeNotifierProvider(create: () => InventorycategoriesNotifier(currentUser)),
ChangeNotifierProvider(create: (
) => InventoriesNotifier(currentUser)),
ChangeNotifierProvider(create: () => ShopsNotifier(currentUser)),
ChangeNotifierProvider(create: (
) => UsersNotifier(currentUser)),
child: TestApp(),


} when i doing my realm operatons i got error message like this RealmException: Error code: 1026 . Message: Cannot write to class inventorycategories when no flexible sync subscription has been created. why this happen and i need a solutions for this

When using flexible sync, you need to tell what subset of data you are interested in synchronizing. You do that by adding subscriptions to your realm. See https://www.mongodb.com/docs/realm/sdk/flutter/sync/add-sync-to-app/